Alair Provides Solution for Home Owners and Builders Looking for Transparency Across Chicago

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Alair Provides Solution for Home Owners and Builders Looking for Transparency Across Chicago
Alair Provides Solution for Home Owners and Builders Looking for Transparency Across Chicago
Due to increasing demand, the leading home building franchise is actively looking to partner with contractors in the Chicagoland area.

Custom home builders, renovators and remodelers are faced with a seemingly endless list of challenges on a daily basis. From keeping their clients in the loop on the status of their current projects to managing the back end of their businesses, being successful as an independent contractor is becoming increasingly difficult. That’s where Alair comes in.

The leading home building franchise provides contractors with a unique solution to the problems associated with business ownership. By joining Alair’s growing franchise system and converting their independent businesses to the brand’s name, contractors gain access to full support when it comes to accounting, marketing and operations. And now, Alair is actively looking to partner with contractors throughout the Chicagoland area.

“The Chicago home building market is missing a level of transparency that’s required to succeed with customers today. That’s what we bring to the table—our proprietary system ensures that the lines of communication between a contractor and their clients are always open,” said Adam McCaa, chief communications officer for Alair. “We’ve done a significant amount of research on Chicago’s housing market, and now is the perfect time to break into the area. Chicago homeowners are asking for more control when building or renovating their homes, and contractors are looking for new and innovative ways to boost their bottom lines. Our business model has the ability to provide solutions to both of those problems.”

What makes Alair stand out in the custom home building industry is its proven Client Control™ system, which gives homeowners access to real-time information surrounding the progress being made on their homes. That includes updates on scheduling, progress pricing and mark-up costs. The goal is to avoid miscommunication and ensure that everyone involved in the home building process is on the same page.

Alair franchise owners also receive unrivaled support by joining the brand’s system. Alair provides software that tracks project costs and budgets, and manages a contractor’s cash flow. The brand also offers full web marketing management and develops innovative marketing strategies designed to boost a contractor’s business in addition to ongoing training and general operations support.

With 85 operating offices, it’s clear that Alair’s proven model is catching on among home builders and owners across the country. In an industry often associated with confusion and unclear goals, Alair’s commitment to transparency outshines the competition.

“By being completely transparent, we’re filling a void in the booming home building industry. We’ve found that model to be incredibly successful so far, especially in major metropolitan areas like Chicago. That’s why we’re confident the market will be a strong performer for us this year,” said Rob Cecil, chief development officer for Alair. “We’re excited to partner with contractors across Chicago and establish a strong footprint in the area over the course of the next year.”

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