Alair’s Proven and Simple Model Helps Independent Contractors Take Their Business to the Next Level

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Alair’s Proven and Simple Model Helps Independent Contractors Take Their Business to the Next Level
Alair’s Proven and Simple Model Helps Independent Contractors Take Their Business to the Next Level
By converting their successful, independent businesses into one of the brand’s franchised locations, contractors can sidestep some of the biggest challenges facing entrepreneurs in the industry today.

It’s no secret that being an independent contractor is hard work. Between communicating with clients, overseeing employees and ensuring that the back end of the business is running smoothly, it’s not uncommon for even the most successful contractors to reach a plateau. That’s where Alair comes in.

Since its founding in 2007, Alair has been eliminating the problems that independent contractors face on a daily basis. Through its proven Client Control™ system—which gives homeowners access to real-time information surrounding the progress being made on their custom house or renovation—the brand is able to ensure that every one of its customers is kept in the loop throughout the entire construction process. And the benefits behind that transparency extend to its contractors—by converting their independent businesses into Alair franchises, contractors gain access to a one of a kind system that’s been proven to fuel growth.

That ability to help contractors move beyond the limitations of their current business is why Justin Thompson, Alair’s franchisee in Ontario, first decided to partner with the brand. After operating his own contracting business for six years alongside his business partner, the pair realized that they were struggling to get to the next level. But by implementing Alair’s strategy and relying on its strong support system, Thompson was able to grow again.

“One umbrella word that I would use to describe Alair is accountability. The brand helped us re-focus on becoming the best possible business owners that we can be, starting with our own personal development,” said Thompson. “From there, Alair’s model enabled us to improve efficiencies between our crew and our clients, and gave us access to software and systems that improved our operations on the back end. Our business has been a huge success since—a huge weight has been taken off our shoulders as small business owners.” 

From its software that tracks every aspect of project management to its mission to promote transparency throughout the entire construction process, Alair has the potential to help its franchisees avoid many of the challenges that are facing independent contractors today. Custom homebuilder Brian Schon, for example, has been able to add another revenue stream to his business by becoming one of the brand’s franchisees.

“My business had grown to the point where I was capped as a contractor. I knew that I needed to make a change to start expanding again—that’s why I looked into Alair,” said Schon. “Now that I’ve signed with the brand, I’ve started taking on more renovation projects and expanding outside of my custom homebuilding niche. That’s made all the difference—there are more business opportunities out there for me now that I’m with Alair than there were when I was on my own.”

With 85 offices currently open for business and targeted expansion efforts actively taking place in cities like Chicago and Philadelphia, it’s clear that Alair’s model has the potential to succeed in a wide variety of environments.

“The construction industry has been lacking innovation for a long time. That’s where we saw a real opportunity for growth—Alair is designed to help contractors take their businesses to the next level without limiting their possibilities as entrepreneurs,” said Rob Cecil, chief development officer for Alair. “Franchisees like Justin and Brian prove that by adapting Alair’s model, contractors have the ability to boost their bottom lines. Our system is designed to set our local owners up for success right off the bat, and we’ve seen contractors double or even triple their businesses just months after stepping into Alair’s system. We’re looking forward to seeing that trend continue as we expand into key markets across the country.”  

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