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The Post and Courier: Home Builder Lands Regional Partnership in South Carolina with Alair
Dave Young is looking to expand Alair's presence in South Carolina.

Canadian custom-home builder Dave Young was seeking a regional partnership in South Carolina for Alair, a Canadian-based brand looking to expand its presence within the United States, when he found eighth generation Summerville native Jennings Smith.

“He had similar philosophies to us,” Young says. “I was really surprised. Here’s this young guy, he’s got 15 years success in the business.”

Smith found that the brand’s core values and unique customer transparency model not only matched his own interests but believed the concept would bode well with potential clients in the local market. By May 1, Smith signed a franchise deal with Alair, allowing the company to have its first branch in South Carolina.

Smith is an asset to the community, obtained his residential builders license locally and graduated from Clemson University where he pursued his degree in business management. For the past 15 years, he has operated Reality Construction and was able to build a team of elite contractors who will now join the Alair team.

“The last two weeks, that’s been Jennings’ coming out process,” Young says. “It’s been pretty exciting opening the first office in South Carolina. You guys have a great community as well.”

Alair is hoping to develop throughout the Carolinas and into 10-12 additional states by the end of 2016.

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