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Nanaimo News Bulletin: Alair Regional Partner Stu Hopewell Honored at Georgie Awards
Stu Hopewell, an Alair regional partner for Vancouver Island and Washington State, was recognized for his work with Alair.

Stu Hopewell was recently awarded Gold at the Georgie Awards, and the Nanaimo News Bulletin spoke with him about the award and the growth of Alair in its home market and beyond.

According to the article, Hopewell has taken over the construction side of Alair in Vancouver, allowing founder Blair McDaniel to focus on growing the franchise brand.

Said Hopewell, "We just had our annual general meeting in Arizona and looking around the room at 200 and some people from 77 locations and three or four years ago there was four of us. It's kinda neat.”

The article also explains how Alair works to get local contractors focusing on what they do best.

Said Hopewell, "It allows all of our offices to just focus on client satisfaction and quality control on-site because we all know that these guys that are building beautiful homes, typically aren't great at bookkeeping. So if we take care of all that, they focus on what they're good at. We take that away from them and it's been successful and that's why our growth is what it's been."

Finally, the article mentions Hopewell and Alair’s international expansion, as he now is Regional Partner for Washington State as well.

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