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Current in Carmel: Entrepreneur Breaks Back into the Recovering Housing Industry with Alair
Franchisee Terry Blake explains why Alair’s business model stands out.

When the recession hit in 2009, Terry Blake decided to get
out of the housing industry. But now that things are turning around, he’s
jumping back into the business with the help of Alair.

Blake opened his own Alair franchise for custom homes in Carmel, Indiana. He brings more than 10 years of experience to the table— he used to work for Custom Concrete Construction. But Alair’s unique business model is positioning him for even more success.

“When I first became aware of Alair the first thing that really, really got my attention was their program of taking a client through the actual steps of the business process,” Blake said in an interview with Current in Carmel. “They have complete oversight over the entire project. They see every single expense that I see. It’s opens up a lot more clarity over what most builders are going to do. We go through a very in-depth design and estimate process.”

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