Real Estate Investor Partners with Alair to Fuel Business Growth

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Real Estate Investor Partners with Alair to Fuel Business Growth
Real Estate Investor Partners with Alair to Fuel Business Growth
By teaming up with Alair, real estate investor Tim Estepp is reaching more clients and vendors in the St. Louis area.

When real estate investor Tim Estepp set out to expand his business, he knew the specific type of opportunity he was looking for. He wanted to get involved with an established and proven concept that would take his current involvement in the housing industry to the next level. That’s why he jumped at the chance to partner with Alair.

“I was looking for something new and fresh that would complement my industry experience and expertise. When I found Alair, everything seemed to fall into place,” Estepp said. “I was impressed with everything they brought to the table. And it’s exciting to get in on the ground level of an internationally recognized brand that’s starting to see explosive growth across the U.S.”

Estepp is part of that strategic development effort by bringing the fastest growing home building franchise to St. Louis. The brand streamlines business operations for housing professionals by offering accounting, marketing and general support, giving local owners the ability to focus their attention on best serving their clients with custom home building and renovation options.

“The entire Alair team—from unit franchisees across the country to the brand’s corporate leadership—lives and breathes the motto that living better starts here. They really take care of their employees, clients and the people in their communities,” said Estepp. “Alair’s concept and business model are also incredibly progressive and forward thinking. The brand is constantly pushing the envelope to be proactive instead of reactive, and that’s what will ultimately ensure its success in the St. Louis area.”

Even though Estepp just launched his Alair franchise at the end of May, he’s already seeing positive responses from the St. Louis community. Agencies, vendors and architects are interested in partnering with the brand because they’re impressed with its business model and overall reputation. That strong brand awareness and recognition will continue to grow as Alair expands throughout the St. Louis area by partnering with passionate and talented franchisees like Estepp.

“Being the first entrepreneur to break into the St. Louis market with Alair puts me in a unique position for growth. Over the past couple of months, I’ve found that once people are introduced to the brand’s concept and see what it’s all about, they want to be involved,” Estepp said. “There’s no doubt in my mind that Alair will thrive here as more and more clients and vendors sign contracts to build or renovate their dream homes and businesses.”

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