Alair Helps Franchisee Andrew Black Take His Independent Contracting Business To New Heights.

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Alair Helps Franchisee Andrew Black Take His Independent Contracting Business To New Heights.
Alair Helps Franchisee Andrew Black Take His Independent Contracting Business To New Heights.
Through his partnership with Alair, Franchisee Andrew Black can now spend more time working on his business instead of in his business.

After working as an independent contractor for years, Andrew Black found himself at a crossroads. He knew that he wanted to grow his business, but understood that financing such an endeavor would be difficult. It was at that moment that Black knew it was time to make a change.

He understood how to build a business, but what he lacked was the marketing, project management software, accounting and systems to bring it all together into something that is not only sustainable, but filled with limitless growth potential, too. Everything changed the day he considered becoming an Alair franchisee as a means to achieve his business goals.

“I never considered franchising as a means of developing my business at first,” said Black. “But when I really thought about it, I knew it was the perfect way for me to achieve my objectives. With Alair, I could build a contracting business according to their proven blueprint while leveraging their tremendous back office support and resources that I needed to get to the next level.”

Founded in 2006, Alair has built its entire business on the backbone of transparency. With their unique Client Control™ approach, Alair shares every aspect of a project with customers, keeping them informed throughout the entire building process. The model is designed to protect everyone involved – from the client to the franchisee.

“It’s because of Alair’s unique approach, that I’ve been able to secure more leads and take on additional projects that I would not have been able to before because of all the back office support the brand provides,” said Black. “Clients have a greater sense of security since they are dealing with a known entity and truly value the level of transparency that comes with working with Alair.”

As a Single Unit Partner, Black is focused on building homes across Toronto. In addition to this role, Black is looking to expand his involvement with Alair as Regional Partner in its U.S. expansion plans because of the success he has already had in Canada. As a Regional Partner, Black will be able to earn royalty income from all units in a specific territory.

“It’s this kind of managerial approach to home building and renovations that has helped distinguish Alair as one of the most innovative and unique companies in the construction industry,” said Black. “From the corporate staff down to the franchisees, everyone is focused on building the most pioneering construction brand ever conceived.” 

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