Demand for Transparency in the Housing Industry Inspires Alair to Target Philadelphia for Development

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Demand for Transparency in the Housing Industry Inspires Alair to Target Philadelphia for Development
Demand for Transparency in the Housing Industry Inspires Alair to Target Philadelphia for Development
In a city filled with successful builders and remodeling companies, Alair offers contractors the unique opportunity to take their businesses to the next level.

When Alair first broke into the housing industry as a custom homebuilder, renovator and remodeler, it did so with a mission to set a new standard when it came to transparency in the industry. Now, over a decade later, it’s clear that the brand is more committed to its initial goal than ever before.

Backed by its Client Control™ system that gives homeowners absolute certainty on every line item of their entire project before a single hammer is swung along with total approval rights on payments and online access to real-time information throughout the course of the project, Alair ensures that every one of its clients has all the information that they need right at their fingertips. That’s why the brand has become a go-to company for homeowners across the country—Alair is the only brand operating in the space with a proprietary system that ensures that the lines of communication remain open at all times.

To date, the brand has caught on among consumers and contractors alike in every market it has established a presence in. And now, Alair is on the verge of adding another major U.S. city to its growing list of franchise success stories. The brand is actively targeting Philadelphia for development.

“We’ve done our homework on the Philadelphia market, and we see there are many highly successful builders and renovation companies that are ideal future partners for Alair” said Adam McCaa, chief communications officer for Alair. “Like everywhere else, we also know that homeowners in the greater Philadelphia area are increasingly asking for more control and transparency in how they engage with their contractors. The market wants access to the type of transparency that we bring to the table and contractors are also seeking ways to eliminate the risks associated with growing a construction business. Alair resolves these trends for both homeowners and contractors alike”

In order to capitalize on that opportunity for growth, Alair is looking to partner with Philadelphia contractors who want to take their successful businesses to the next level. By joining the brand’s proven franchise system, industry professionals will gain access to a strong corporate support team, impressive brand awareness and superior systems and operations that have the potential to boost their bottom lines.

“Contractors who sign on to convert their independent businesses into Alair franchise units will immediately stand out from the competition. People prefer to customize their homes and have more options, and we’re the best in the business,” said McCaa. “The contractors who have already joined our growing system are already benefiting from being a part of Alair. They still own 100 percent of their businesses and are experiencing growth they state would not be possible without joining the elite group of Alair owners.”

As the housing market continues to rebound across the country, Alair plans to expand into new communities at an increasingly rapid rate. But the brand is confident that Philadelphia will be one of its biggest cities for business going forward.

“There’s so much room for Alair to grow in the Philadelphia market. Our model benefits both contractors and homeowners, which is hard to find in the housing industry today,” said Rob Cecil, chief development officer for Alair. “We’re looking forward to working with the most proven and successful local contractors who share our passion for building and renovating homes that their clients will cherish for years to come.”

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