Alair Regina: What to Look for When Hiring a Contractor

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Alair Regina: What to Look for When Hiring a Contractor
Alair Regina: What to Look for When Hiring a Contractor
Having a detailed contract eliminates miscommunication and manages expectations.

When you decide to build, remodel or renovate your home, working with a contractor is a necessary step. And if you don’t have a contract detailing the terms of your arrangement, then there’s no way to manage expectations.

Navigating a contract can be difficult because there are a lot of variables at play. That’s why Alair’s Regina location recently released a list of things that your contract and contractor should have. Below are a few highlights from the brand’s comprehensive list:

Proper Licensing

Licensing covers a wide range of issues, from whether or not your contractor is skilled to do the work you’re hiring them for to being on the books with the state. Proper licensing ultimately ensures that your contractor is legitimately operating their business.

Scope of Work

Every detail associated with the work you want your contractor to handle should be listed in the contract. This eliminates miscommunication and helps you avoid long-term problems.

Payment Schedule

Payment schedules often vary depending on the job. If you’re remodeling your kitchen, for example, you might agree to make a payment after the cabinets are installed. It’s critical to establish a consistent payment schedule with your contractor and then stick to it once the renovation is underway.

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