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About Us

Founded in 2007, Alair Homes has built a construction management network of outstanding and experienced business owners to complete over 2,000 premier custom home builds, residential renovations and custom commercial projects. With the unique Client Control™ approach, Alair shares every aspect of projects with customers, keeping them informed throughout the entire building process. As the only builder in North America that performs all projects exclusively using the Client Control™ method, creating value and quality in everything that they do is the cornerstone of the Alair culture and philosophy. Currently serving prominent communities in Canada, Alair is rapidly expanding throughout the U.S. Armed with the experience of longtime construction and building professionals, Alair is a one-stop shop for home renovation and remodeling.

Alair Difference
What is the Investment?

Franchise Fee: $73,500 

The total investment ranges are listed in the Franchise Disclosure Document. The Single Unit Franchise total investment necessary to begin operations is between $104,600 and $182,700. Total investment depends on factors such as current operating structure and resources, suitable vehicles, etc.

Regional Developer Franchise total investment necessary to begin operations is between $188,820 and $383,855. 

Franchisee Story
Why an Alair Franchise?

Most construction companies fail at some point because the risks associated with growing a construction business continues to rise as the project opportunities grow. Alair eliminates the risks to the our owners that so many others experience and ultimately fail. 

Alair's owners enjoy an entirely new way of owning 100% of their construction business and our exclusive, proprietary business model, Client Control™, attracts the most sought after clients and partners in every market they serve. 

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Why I Bought

After successfully running his own contracting business for years, David Nystrom hit a wall. He was extremely frustrated with his segment of the industry—his company bid on public renovation projects in the Ohio area. But instead of being able to focus on the building side of his business, Nystrom was spending his time fighting to protect his company’s profit margins. Realizing that never-ending cycle wasn’t sustainable in the long run, Nystrom decided to make a change.

At first, he didn’t know where to start. So Nystrom made a list of the different things he needed help with in order to get back on track, including marketing, a strong online presence, project management software, estimating software, better financial management systems and accounting. When he started digging around online to find a solution, he came across the website for Alair.

“The funny thing is that I was initially drawn to Alair because I wanted to mimic its website. I wasn’t looking to become a part of a franchise system. But when I saw that they were looking for business partners in the U.S., I figured it couldn’t hurt to send them an email. We started talking the next day, and the rest is history,” said Nystrom. “Since teaming up with Alair, there’s been a complete turnaround as far as the type of work we’re doing and the quality of clients that we’re working with. The brand ultimately took my independent business to the next level.”

Alair works with existing business owners and industry professionals to make their transitions into its franchise system seamless. The brand is all about transparency—its model is designed to protect everyone involved in the residential building process, from the franchisee to the client.

In addition to building homes, Nystrom’s Alair franchise has also raised its brand awareness across the Hudson, Ohio area. And that trend is expected to continue—Nystrom joined the brand as one of its regional partners. That means he’s gearing up to grow Alair’s concept across the state while keeping his pilot office up and running. Nystrom says he’s confident the brand will continue to experience success as it opens up new locations and partners with additional franchisees.

“I spent the first three months that I was involved with Alair looking for the boogeyman and skeletons in the closet. But even now, over a year later, I still can’t find them,” said Nystrom. “From the corporate staff in the main office down to the regional partners and individual franchise owners, the brand is made up of genuinely good and supportive people. It’s refreshing to see that level of passion and excitement in the home building industry—it really can’t be found anywhere else.”

Click here to learn more about David Nystrom. 

Executive Q&A

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